Custom Jewelry Orders

If you would like a custom jewelry order, please send a message through the contact form on the homepage. 

Here's what you should include:

1. Description of what you would like, as detailed as possible! What type of item, any colors or materials you have in mind, special occasion  I should have in mind. Anything to help me get an idea of what you'd like.

2. Budget of what you can afford for the item, if applicable. Check out my shop to get an idea of pricing, but costs can vary depending on material costs and time needed to make the item.

3. Shipping Information including name of addressee as it will appear on the shipping label. Include pronouns too please!

Once I have received the form, I will respond as soon as possible with any questions or confirmations. Once we agree on a design, I will send a payable invoice either for the full amount, or 1/2 the total deposit. Invoices must be paid before I start working.